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As all investors know, past performance is the best indication of future results. Here you can browse our recently closed opportunities and find out more about how we operate at Ignite Invest.

Strategic land development in UK’s South East

We recently raised funding into a very attractive opportunity in strategic development land in Kent, UK, earmarked for much desired residential development. The raise was met at record timeand during Covid-19.

Key features:

  • Raised: £1.5 million
  • ROI: – variable based on sale price once sold on to developers

Return: Expected exit 3-5 years.

Status: Early stage planning consultation.

Empire Property Holdings

£40 million of investment was raised acquiring B1 commercial properties. These properties, primarily in the North of England proceed quickly as there is no planning permission required. The buildings, converted into C2 Residential apartments, often are the catalyst in urban regenerated areas. Converted into individual units they are generating good yields and provide a substantial increase in GDV on completion.

Raised: £40 million.

Return:  All £40 million capital and interest has been repaid to date.

The High Street Group

Established in 2008 The High Street Group has grown to become the leading developer in the PRS (Private Retail Sector) also called the Build to Rent sector and a major supplier of PRS projects to Pension Funds and Sovereign Wealth.

Raised: More than £50 millionhas been raised from investors to acquire sites and take through planning. Many sites have been forwarded funded by firms such as Cording, Grainger, Investec whilst The High Street Group are also developing premium flagship developments themselves.

Returns: In line with contractual obligations.

Strategic Land Investment in UK

With the ever-increasing shortage of housing, councils are under increasing pressure to build more properties, particularly low-cost social housing. Strategic parcels of land are identified, purchased are then crowded with investors being shareholders. Working with councils and house builders, the sites are taken through planning and then sold on to developers and a price that reflects the planning permission.

With defined exit strategies, these investments are generally seen as longer term but with very good excellent returns.

Raised: £10 million has been raised across 7 sites.

Returns: First expected returns late 2020.

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