Investing in Property Brings Dividends in 2017

What’s your property investment strategy for 2017 and beyond? A simple ‘buy and hold’ approach is no guarantee of success, particularly in volatile political, economic and legislative times.

Investing in Property

For example, if you’re a buy-to-let investor, then the implementation of Clause 24 of the 2015 Finance Bill (which only affects private landlords) in April 2017 means that the government will require landlords to pay full tax on their rental income.

But the overall outlook is far from negative. As Mark McKenzie, senior portfolio manager at Thomas Miller Investments, states:

Despite the turmoil following the Brexit vote in June 2016, it has proved to be a fairly buoyant period for property markets. The post Brexit uncertainty initially made occupiers more cautious leading to a slowdown in both volumes and rental growth. However, this reversed somewhat over the fourth quarter, preventing vacancy rates from rising markedly.”

“The income return component looks to remain the driving factor for total property returns in 2017. Market projections indicate modest improvement in rental growth across the majority of property sectors and overall, property fundamentals remain supportive. It is a two-tiered market with central London trading significantly ahead of the pre-financial crisis peak in contrast to regional markets. While the influx of foreign capital bolstering London prices has been supported by Sterling’s depreciation, we feel there is better value in regional and more specialised property markets.” (source: http://www.whatinvestment.co.uk/revealed-best-way-get-income-property-2017-2553508/)

It’s therefore essential to have the right strategy and support in order to reach your investment goals.

For more information and assistance on how to profit from little-known, safe and secure property investments in 2017 and beyond, please contact us.

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