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Having only been investing via Ignite since 2019 I have been pleased with the regular communication and professionalism of the team. I have had two exits in the last 6 months and projections are for a further two or three in 2021. I like the range of products offered and particularly impressed with the consumer litigation investment which I intend to churn going forward. Feel that Ignite offer alternative investments that meet the market place of today.

James S, Ohio, USA

Very approachable company with the highest professional standards who introduce investment products to suit my individual needs and deliver excellent customer service. The company has a genuine interest in ensuring I make the best financial decisions and this in turn has lead me to grow my portfolio with a better understanding of investment. As a result of this I feel confident that my investment portfolio is in a positive position.

Michael S of Tunbridge Wells, England

I first invested with Ignite Invest around 3 years ago and I have put together a diverse range of investments across different asset classes from property through to consumer litigation and strategic land acquisition. I was particularly impressed that the Directors of the company put their own reputations on the line by investing themselves. This makes me confident that they are on top of the details, including interest and capital repayments, which they always communicate to me in a professional and timely manner.

Tony H of Bristol, England

Before I became a client of Ignite Invest, I had invested with another company in UK for more than 5 years. I was quite hesitant to move my investment to a new company at that time, but now I have worked with Ignite for 3 years and I am very happy that I moved on with them.

Kevin and his team have introduced me to new investment ideas and products, helping me to evaluate the risks and returns to help me make the best investment plan to suit my situation. On reviewing my current investment portfolio, I can see my incomes have grown, my investment footprint is much broader and my experience has increased over the past 3 years.

I live overseas and Ignite has always maintained good communication with me, which is important. I am very confident to continue investing with them and I also would recommend other investors to contact Ignite Invest to get the most out of their investment journey.

Sara L of Dublin, Ireland

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